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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Food Truck Trend !

I'm a Food Network addict, even though I rarely cook anymore, I will watch cooking and food travel shows while I create jewelry and work on my blog tutorials, etc.  One thing I've noticed over the last couple of years is the Gourmet Food Truck trend.  I've found it fascinating and have been trying to get my hubby to take a trip to Austin to in part try out the food truck scene down that, which is supposed to be fantastic!

Well lucky for me and other area foodies, the food truck scene us up and running in Ft. Worth, Texas, which only 15 minutes from my house!  Most of the food trucks park in the downtown area, which isn't good for either of us during the week since we both work to far away.  But, as luck would have it a new Food Truck Park has now opened off of 7th Street / Cultural District.
With much prodding I drug my hubby down to the Food Truck Park this past weekend.  Even on a cloudy, fairly cold Saturday afternoon the place was packed!  The demographics range the gamut from yuppies, artsy types and even old people like me!
There were so many great choices, but we ended-up trying the Crazy Sister's truck  The food was so... yummy.  George has the brunch burger, which included a fried egg!  Me I had the Mexican Philly, so messy, but so worth it!

And for dessert what did we have you ask!  Well friends we had the most marvelous Maple Bacon Cupcakes, seriously Maple Bacon Cupcakes! These came out of the Bacon Wagon, but were created by Stir Crazy Baked Goods.  The flavour combination was to die for.  Turns out it is a coffee cupcake with a maple butter cream icing and of course bacon!

 Luckily for me, the baker and her adorable little girls ended-up sharing our picnic table.  The owner/baker is adorable and passionate about her craft, as well as being environmentally conscientious.  Her brick and mortar store hasn't opened yet, but she does take orders, thank goodness!

If you are the Ft. Worth area and feel a few hunger pains, please take a leap and do something different, try the Food Truck Park.  These chefs take ownership and pride in their craft and deserve our support, please - your tummy is begging you!


  1. ROFL! I don't know if I could eat a cupcake with bacon on it so kudos to you for managing that feat. :) I'm pretty into trying new foods though so some of the other stuff looked pretty good. I'm glad you had a great time and I hope you find even more awesome trucks with hidden culinary treasures inside. ;)

  2. Sounds like yummy fun! I have a friend who lives in Arlington, so I sent her your post :)

  3. I'm so glad that you forwarded the post to your friend. Arlington is close enough for her to pop over there and she'll love it!

  4. This sounds like such fun and a cool way to get to try new things. I love it!
    Happy new year!

  5. Just found your blog yesterday and I've added it to my Google Reader so I can hear from Texas daily!
    I was born in Granbury, raised in Cleburne, lived in Ft. Worth and Dallas for 20+ years. I was transplanted in Missouri about 22 years ago. Yeah, I'm old, lol.

    Anyway, sorry for the TMI. Just wanted to say Hey and I'm so jealous of the Bacon Cupcakes! I'm a bacon addict and would have nabbed them too.

    1. Hi Tee - always nice to have a fellow Texas drop by! You should come to town to try our the cupcakes, they really are to die for!

  6. Sorry, couldn't get the Reply window to open.

    Hmmm, 8 hours for a Bacon Cupcake??? I'd sure be up for it but I think convincing my hubs would be like convincing your hubs to take you to Austin.

    BTW, Austin is a great fun town. Lake Travis, at least 30 years ago is/was crystal clear. Possum Kingdom is/was too and it's much closer.

    Okay...shutting up now, lol.