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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Featured Artist of the Week - Ardent Reverie

Ardent Reverie Etsy Shop featuring handmade accessories and more, created by two very talented sisters. Their work ranges from hair accessories, crocheted hats and scarves, jewelry and paintings. It seems these two have many talents.

In looking through their work I keep being drawn back to their feather hair accessories, I love the combination of textures with the feathers and vintage style embellishments. All of their work is lovely, and they are truly talented.

Of course being considered “old” by some, I did have my daughter checkout their Etsy store, her response was Cool! I want you to know this is a very high compliment from her, and she actually didn’t look at her cell phone the entire time she was looking at their store, I was amazed!
Take a look around their adorable store and their blog

Sage Wine Feather Clip

It's a Jungle Bracelet

Frill Scarf


  1. great feature. love the comment about your daughter and her cell phone. LOL. luckily my daughter is still to young to have a cell phone.

  2. she never.... puts it down, she even takes it to bed with her, and I'm not kidding