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Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy July 4th and Have You Had Your Colonoscopy This Year?

Okay, granted the title is a strange combination. But not to me, July is not only our Country’s birthday month, but mine also. I’ll be 51 this year and I have no idea where the time went.

What does have a birthday have to do with having a colonoscopy? Well, it’s an all be it strange early present that I give myself , it gives me one more year free of cancer causing colon polyps that run in my family. My siblings and I have are pre destined for cancer causing polyps, some years I have to have more than one scope to remove them all. The prep is not at all fun, but I put a positive spin on it by turning into a diet kick-start. But think, if I didn’t have the colonoscopies annually, by now I would probably have full-blown cancer, or would sometime soon. That makes the day of prep seem like a day at the beach. My fabulous, wonderful father died of colon cancer at age 61 over 18 years ago and I miss him each and every day! If he had only had an annual colonoscopy his death would have been avoided!

So, to anyone who is reading this, please take the time to have your colonoscopy this year – if not for yourself, do it for your children!

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  1. I had mine and nope the prep is not fun--the upside was I lost 6 lbs LOL. Now I dont have to have it for 10 years YAY