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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BESTeam Feauture - Off the Wall Expressions

My feature shop this week is perfect timing! Really, we are still working on my daughter's room, which I don't think will ever.... get done. And this weekend we were going through Etsy looking for Vinyl Wall Art and found Off the Wall Expressions and made I one of our favorites! Both my daughter and I were impressed with the quality and variety offered in this Etsy shop. She has designs that I haven't seen in any of the others of Etsy. And then, being the grown-up I was also impressed with her buyer feedback, which is fantastic.

Ok now, so I need help choosing which piece of Vinyl Art to purchase for my teenage daughter Alyssa's room. Which on do you think would go??

Please take a look at her Etsy Shop and let me know your choice?
and Follow her blog

And here are a few samples of what she has to offer -


  1. Thanks for the great feature! Let us know before you order and we will give you a 'special' deal!

  2. despite my allergies, I vote for the flowing dandelions. :)