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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What do you do when someone breaks a box of your Haviland China?

First you cry and have a fit, then you literally pick-up the pieces and make broken china mosaics out of them. So, I created this pretty little birdhouse, painted the base and rood pale pink add a few hand painted rosebuds, and topped it off with large white and pink pearls (don't all birds need pearls? lol). Then I cut out a wooden cross to match the birdhouse. And was lah !


  1. These are beautiful and what a creative use for that broken china. I LOVE the gilt bow for a perch, that is too clever! I found you thru the I Made It blog party but now I'm off to browse your Etsy shop.


  2. Beautiful. I will have to remember this idea if my china ever get broke. Knock on wood.

  3. I wasn't at all creative when the box got broken, I was a raving mad woman!